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Progetto “Italy meets the USA”


She believed she could, so she did
On October 30th, the scientific high school “Enrico Fermi” hosted a beautiful, smart and inspiring woman, Dr. Corinne Devin.

This event was organised by Ms. Tiziana Sciuto, teacher of English at our school and responsible for the “Italy meets the USA” project, in  collaboration with Dr. Alberto Lunetta, responsible for the “Community Relations” project at the American military base in Sigonella.
Corinne is an orthodontist, a navy officer, a beauty queen and last but not least a successful woman who believes in her dreams and works hard to make them come true.
The road to the success has been rather tortuous, but this didn’t stop her. As a matter of fact, since she was a little girl some people made fun of her because of her glasses, doubted her ability to do things and tried to let her believe she wasn’t going to be what she wanted, but she didn’t listen to them and followed her father’s suggestion: “Work smart, try hard and never quit!”. This is exactly the message Corinne wanted to give to the students of our school. You should never doubt yourself because you can do anything you set your mind to, you can have anything you wish to have and you can be anything you wish to be! It’s not about being perfect, but about being authentic.
During her speech, Corinne talked about her insecurities and about all the obstacles she met in her path to let us understand that success is not going to be handed to us on a silver platter, but can be achieved with hard work. 
She also wanted to break the stereotype that says that you have to fit in a small box and cannot be a navy officer and a beauty queen at the same time, for example. She truly believes that being “outside of the box” and doing different things makes you even more relatable. She often deals with people who don’t really understand how the two “sides” of her life can be balanced and she try to explain to them that pageants and military life have a lot in common: traditions, services and people who try to bring recognition to a cause. 
Moreover, talking about empowerment, Corinne believes that an empowering person is someone who is innovative and a game changer: someone who is motivated, determined and always finds a way to achieve its goals.
I personally loved having the opportunity to meet such as an amazing woman! This meeting touched my soul more than I expected. 
Since I was a little girl, my mum told me “Go where you feel the most alive”; this was probably one of the reasons why I chose to get out of my comfort zone to experience something really different. Now I can say that it has been the best decision of my life so far, and that it changed me into a better person.
As an ex exchange student in the United States, I experienced the way Americans live, love and act, and I couldn’t be prouder to define myself “half American”. I’m going to be honest, when Corinne started talking my heart skipped a beat and some tears streaked down my face. I suddenly felt homesick. Why am I telling you this? Because it shows how Corinne’s message came straight to my heart. Her words reminded me of some aspects of American culture that I truly miss, such as the mutual support between people and the believing that everything is possible! 
In the US I was a cheerleader, the captain of my dance team and a beauty queen (I participated in some beauty pageants), so I directly saw how females of any age act. I noticed that they always try to support each other with kind words, smiles and small gestures even when, for example, they are rivals in a competition. It’s something really difficult to explain, but you can immediately feel that in the atmosphere. This mutual support also helps to believe that, by small steps ever day, you can achieve every goal.
I believe there are beautiful people in this world. Not in looks, not in what they say, just in what they are and Corinne is a sample of that. Despite her success she is still a sweet, friendly and humble person. I really admire her and I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet her!
I conclude by saying that we should surround ourselves with people that push us to do and be better. No drama, just higher goals and positive energy. Simply bringing out the absolute best in each other.
Paola Maria Borzì 5C

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